ANCIENT ASTRONAUTES. The beginning of the ubiquitous Priesthoods.


A = Ανουννάκι. Find of a statuette of the Sumerian era.

B = Carved head of a Pharaoh.

C = Skull from recent discoveries. It dates from about 6 to 12,000 BC. along with some other similar in size and shape.

D and E = Finds from the Incas and the Maya, 6,000 BC

G = Bronze find of an astronaut 6,000 BC

H = Astronaut on top of a cathedral. Medieval era. Certainly the man had not yet gone to the moon. At least that's what they tell us.

I = Astronaut statuette, 5 to 6,000 BC

I = Today's astronaut. 2007 AD

In the last double photo, you can make comparisons with all the originals, but also with the rest that will follow in this chapter. Of course you will find them in books by other authors but since I have them and maybe more, I prefer to put several in one book, since you may not have his or her book that will contain them. But to have them all you will probably need a lot of books. In the book it is, they are perfect in analysis. Here unfortunately I had to compress them a bit to get the page down faster.

My reasoning for the original photo:

If we take as a beginning A which is the statuette of the model of Anunnaki, Sumerian era, so before Egyptians and Jews, then we go to B which is the continuation of A and reveals that the Sumerians left leaders, a priesthood in other places. The carved head of a Pharaoh lengthens at the back. This back is hidden, covered, by a let's say hat. There was no particular reason to make such a hat even though the skull was not of the same shape. In photo C we see the same skull with the head of Pharaoh and with Anunnaki of A.

Comparing all the others based on the shape of their skulls, we see that they have nothing to do with the first ones, neither Anunnaki nor Pharaoh. They are ancient astronauts with the current shape of the head and face. Except of course Z which we do not know what is hidden inside but we can understand that the interior is not like A, B or C.

So, we can easily conclude that these are people from two different planets. We also have the following photo with the famous "Glass Skull" which is said to have belonged to the Mayans or Lemurians in the time of Atlantis, so we go to 11 to 15,000 years BC.

As we see here. The skull is no different from that of a 21st century man. That alone tells us that some races of people, not to mention all, were like us today. They were destroyed by invaders like those of skull C, or it may not have been them but the ones below skull 1 and 1a that are the same.

That is, as if we are dealing with a third race from another planet that wanted the things of its distant "near". The face and skull are the same asthose of the Dropas whose metal disks were found in the Bayan Kara Ula Mountains, on the border of China and Tibet. They date to 12,000 BC. Descendants of the Dropas still exist in China today. It is said that the Ophionids are directly related to the Dropas, that is, that they are themselves. They are also called "Grays". In the photo below I present a Dropas album on which their shape and body are engraved. It is the same as photos 1 and 1a, and the Dropas as they are today. The photo with the 2 Dropas here, is from 1947 and they are each about 4 feet tall.

Before we talk about the glass skull which is an extremely interesting topic, let us first say a few things about the Dropas. The only surviving photo of Dropas descendants is this one in the middle. The discs on the right and left.


In the Bayan Cara Ula Mountains, on the border of China and Tibet, a team of archaeologists was conducting a standard search for a number of connected caves.
Their interest was aroused by the discovery of neatly arranged tombs containing the skeletons of a strange race of strange creatures, and their curiosity was aroused by the fact that they had abnormally crippled organisms and large, overgrown heads.

Initially, the caves were thought to be home to a hitherto unknown species of monkey. But the group's leader, Chinese archaeologist Professor Chi Pu Tei, came up with something that others could not think of. "Who ever heard of monkeys burying each other?"

One of the groups stumbled on the floor of the cave, on a large buried round disk covered in millennial dust. The group sat around the discovery, all thinking that what they had found was something like an ancient stone gramophone. There was a hole in the center and a thin spiral groove that shone in the frame. A closer inspection, however, showed that the groove was in fact a thin spiral continuous line of very fine characters.

In a way, the object was a "recorded file". The date found was 1938. None of those who knew of its existence (Chinese) but did not know what it was, did not know the code to open the find and start talking to them. In other words, it was something like a hard drive.

For 20 years many experts tried to translate his hieroglyphs without success, until a professor named Tsum Um Nui, (why Chinese?) Came and broke the code and began to decipher the talking grooves of the records. But the Beijing Archaeological Academy forbade him to publish what he found. The outside world was completely ignorant of this discovery because, as is well known, the Chinese have ignored it with dictatorial communism.

Here, I make a parenthesis to remind you that China already has astronauts, satellites, atomic weapons and generally everything from technology. Does not it seem strange to people living in poverty? They made the most of the disc information.

Two years later, in 1965, the professor and four of his colleagues were finally given permission to reveal their theory. They appeared on the radio, entitled: "Slotted manuscripts related to spacecraft. Discs that landed on earth 12,000 years ago. The records of 716 grooved discs were later discovered in the same caves. They told an amazing story of a spaceship with inhabitants of another distant planet that landed in the highlands of Bayan Cara Ula.

The strange spiral manuscript "said" that the peaceful intentions of the "aliens" were misunderstood and persecuted by a local tribe called the "Ham". (Ham). So in order to escape they lived in caves. According to Tsum Um Nui, one of the hieroglyphic lines says that the Dropas descended under the clouds with their aircraft. It took a long time for the locals to realize that the newcomers were in a peaceful mood. Some members of the Ham expressed their regret that they could not help the Dropas repair their boat to return back to their planet.

(Personally, I think it was a conspiracy. There are thousands of UFOs on the planet every day and no one was found to help them? was to follow other ships and fill the planet).

Over the years, archaeologists and anthropologists learned more about that area of ​​the Bayan Cara Ula mountain range and saw that the disks came out true to their information. The myth that has been preserved in the area until today, speaks of small, short, yellow, dark (weak) beings, who came from the clouds. With large swollen heads and a very repulsive smell like spoiled fish, herring, foot or something similar. Were they so short that their head smelled like a foot?

On the cave walls, archaeologists have unearthed raw designs of the rising sun, moon, other unrecognizable stars, and the Earth. Together with the records, they all date back to 12,000 years. Thechronologies of the murals. The area was inhabited by two tribes. The Hamas and the Dropas. They were all semi-troglodytes about 5 feet tall. Their characteristics were neither Chinese nor Tibetan. They were like the one in the photo I have at the beginning of the chapter. The photo next to it is fake, it's just a sample. Because the Greek language is also "sound", saying Dropas as if reminding me of the word "Hole".

"Drilled" "In-drilled" "In - hole - hole - is located.

Hole = Hole. But also the Hole = Oops. Try to pronounce the "D". You will call it "NT". So, we have: "SHAME". Shame on one, Shame on many. Singular plural. So that some do not say that Greek was unknown then. Try to disprove my theory about the Greekness of the name. But let us not misunderstand that the Dropas were not Greeks but from elsewhere. They had another name, alien, but in my theory they got that name, because they lived in caves, holes, holes. Even in English, it means: "The thrown down" .Drop = I throw. It is worth remembering the holy copy that says something about the devil and calls him "Fallen Angel". The angel has wings, right? Fly. It also falls to the ground.Drop. Be cunning !!

Gog and Magog. See the photos below.

Later, some good guys came from Russia and got about 20 or 70 records, as there were too many and they would not be missing from anyone. They took them to Moscow and cleaned the stuck stones above them. They were surprised when they found cobalt and other minerals in the components of the discs in the chemical test.

Then they put the disc on a turntable and the disc rumbled. As if he were starving. One scientist said that they may have used the disks to generate electricity, because a so-called High Voltage was created when they rotated. The rest are known to the Russians. Americans were not mentioned anywhere, but it is not needed. We all now know that Russia, China and America are brothers in the well-known toys.

About the glass skull.

According to Native American myths, there were originally 13 "solid crystal with moving jaws" skulls made to speak and sing. The number 13 is important because including the sun, the moon, and the ten planets in our solar system, they add up to the number 12. The latter represents "Quetzalcoatl," the god of snakes, in Mexico (crucified with three criminals and in 3 days he rose from the dead) who will return again to rule all the planets. (Monday presence No.2;) The year of the Mayans, consisted of 13 months of 20 days. There are 13 Mayan Gods of the upper (upper) world. These skulls are one of our greatest mysteries along with the Nazca lines. They told the past history of this planet and the evolution of humanity and kept the mysteries of life and the world. One of the myths says that one day the skulls will be rediscovered and they will come back together to reveal their knowledge. Those who possess the knowledge about crystal skulls are:

The Mayans of Mexico. (These skulls refer to Popol Vul).

The Aztecs of Mexico.

The Cherokees and Senecas (of the iroquois union) in the northwestern United States.

Pueblo and Navajo in the southwestern United States

Some type of unusual phenomenon has occurred around the crystal skulls. Some people who were in the presence of the skull, have told the owner that they received some type of treatment or found that their mental potential expanded a little later. In other words, crystal skulls interact with different individuals with some form of energy. Other people have trembled, or fallen unconscious while around this skull but come back with some new information or ideas.

But the most dramatic phenomena that occur around crystal skulls are the holographic images that appear inside them when activated.

This activation has occurred by exposing the skull to a combination of light, healthy, or even human color energy. Some of the scenes that people see inside the skulls are UFOs, unicorns (Bigfoots), unicorns, flying humans, mermaids, dolphins, whales, mountains, aliens, forests, caves, etc. At this time, no one is sure enough about the exact process that produces these images, because to do so would mean that we would have to recognize that it is possible for a solid object to change its shape. These little things about crystal or glass skull, to see that when Hollywood makes mystery movies, they are not just mysteries. Almost everything, exists or is going to exist.

At the end of this chapter, I put below another mural found in America. It is not Karagiozis with the cursed snake, nor Alexander the Great. It depicts an ancient Greek fighting a dragon. Or a big snake. Winged; Its dating back many thousands of years. Where was the Greek there before America was discovered? Let's think a little about the snake. Is the story about the Ophionids or the Dropas they brought? Of course it has. America is full of so-called "grays". In the places where Alexander went to close the Aorno stone, was not near where the Dropas lived?Troglodytes, Hypochthons, Epichthons, Gogs, Magogs, Giants, Titans, Ophionids, Hectagons, underground prisons with monsters, Hades, Cerberus, stench and stench, I want to get it all out of your mind. I close this chapter with several photos of ancient astronauts. Enjoy them and think. Even Christ is depicted by painters carrying a spaceship on his bed in the manger. You will see the evangelists writing on a round thing. Their pencils, if you look at them with the painter's eye, are antennas and the round one is a satellite with its antennas. Sputnik?

Admire the UFOs that fly happily everywhere. There are flying objects on the cross, right and left. Unless jellyfish are flying. On the left, it is Christ who has unleashed his air force to eat the cosmos.

So, when we say that we saw the Christ soldier, we are not lying. If he is not in the military, what does he have to do with flying war vehicles?

Here let's leave the UFOs that fly on the board that shows Moses with 110 and a few small commands in his hands. What we should pay attention to, is WHY Moses has HORNS on his head ??? !!! In the mural we distinguish a Being, let us call it a demon, a mermaid, an animal, the sea and its signal .... DNA.


Did Picasso get inspired by this and shake us?

Bottom left, an Egyptian tomb depicts an alien. From the so-called "grays".

Below, two rock paintings from the Sahara desert.

Above, Teocity, from the Greek word God, but also called the City of the Sun. Below, the Abyss of Egypt with carved planes, helicopters and submarines ..

Above are the Grays. In the photo below, observe the projectile.

Right, Chinese ancient astronaut? Adjacent, carved shapes - letters

on rock or stone by the Dropas.


This was called the "Baghdad Battery".

When everyone was looking at baskets, someone saw basketball.

I see "Grenade". Choose.

Translation of the English word Stealth = Privacy.

Something that coincides with the mysticism of Delphi E.

Some more photos.


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